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2099 Fanimated Short Characters Sheet by IceDrawn-Edge
2099 Fanimated Short Characters Sheet
This is the character sheet I'll be using for the animation I'm working on. As you can see it features both Miguel O' Hara as Spiderman on the left with the Public Eye Officers he'll be fighting against on the right. There are a couple aspects I should note:
1. The Transit watch - this is what Miguel uses to quick change in and out of his battle suit, he also uses it to communicate with his VI program "Lyla".
2. Fang mode - this increases the ferocity and impact of Miguels attacks with the use of his retractable talons.
3. Arc Conductors - these are located on the back of Miguels suit allowing him to glide through the skies at high speeds with a great degree of control and maneuverability whenever he starts free falling. (This aspect came as part of the electric cape concept I've had in my previous works.)

Now that I know how the final characters should look I'm off to animating the thing. Wish me luck!
So I've had this idea mulling around in my little noggin for over two years now, ever since my first deviant art submission but I've been putting it off all this time as I felt that I wasn't ready. But now I feel comfortable enough to give this project a go. So for the next couple months I plan to work on a 5-7 min short featuring my all time favorite character to draw. I'll be uploading character sheets and mini clips in the upcoming weeks showing off my progress before uploading the final animation on deviant art (and possibly youtube/vimeo). I'm super excited to do this and can't wait to get started. So for all you 2099 fans out there and just Spiderman fans in general I hope you will like it.
Supergirl the Kryptonian Warrior by IceDrawn-Edge
Supergirl the Kryptonian Warrior
So I came across images of a Supergirl redesign by Square Enix of all people and knew that I just had to draw it, the power armor and sword were too hype for me to pass up. You can google images of the redesign if you wanna see for yourself, just type in Play Arts Kai Supergirl and you should get a few results. (They also have one of batman that I liked but I'll save that drawing for later.)
It's Morphin Time, Triceratops!!!! by IceDrawn-Edge
It's Morphin Time, Triceratops!!!!
An all time classic, especially the movie. Curious to see how the new one turns out, Tommy better make a cameo of some kind.
OC Request -tommywalkie by IceDrawn-Edge
OC Request -tommywalkie
This is a requested image by tommywalkie for their OC pokemon character with their two favorite pokemon, Murkrow and Mega Gardevoir.
Reclaim Victory! by IceDrawn-Edge
Reclaim Victory!
So Assassin's Creed Syndicate is coming out later this year and in anticipation for the latest entry here is an image I did of the Victorian era twins. (Still waiting for that Japan setting though.)
OC Request -Xander by IceDrawn-Edge
OC Request -Xander
This is a request from arkeis-pokemon to draw one of their pokemon OC's. Anyone else with a request just send me a message.
OC Request- Inertia Fighters by IceDrawn-Edge
OC Request- Inertia Fighters
Requested image from Cartoongal using their oc hero designs. Another fun piece to make. If you like this image and would like to see something featuring your own O.C. or licensed super hero send me a note, check my journal for the specifics. (BTW don't try to get me to make something for you just so you can steal it, not cool.)
Got an idea of something you'd like to see? Then send me a note of your suggestions and I'll try to message you back as soon as I can provided if I have enough open spaces available. These suggestions can be spiderman related like some of my previous works or another superhero character entirely. Your suggestion doesn't even have to be superhero related it can be almost anything. However I should admit that I don't do ponies, yaoi, or anything meant to be blatantly offensive to any particular one person or group.

I currently have 3 open spaces available. I'll update my journal when these spaces are filled.



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