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Sinister Six 2100 Character Sheet (Finalized) by IceDrawn-Edge Sinister Six 2100 Character Sheet (Finalized) by IceDrawn-Edge
Here is the the "2100" version of the Sinister Six now called "The Six". My choice for who to include in my version of the Sinister Six was partly inspired by the old 90's Spiderman cartoon that used to feature a number of Spider-Man's lesser known adversaries such as The Spot or Hydro-Man.

"The Six" includes:

Hydro-Man- The first of the operatives created for Alchemax's "The Six" project, Hydro-Man uses a specialized exo-suit designed to be a constantly renewable weapon against his opponents. I wanted Hydro-man's look to resemble that of a deep divers suit.

Shocker- Being a former officer of the "Public Eye" this version of Shocker knew all too well about fighting Spider-Man. Now that Alchemax has equipped him with an exo-suit that uses high density microwave bolts he's now more than capable of going toe to toe with the infamous wall crawler. Unlike the Shocker of the Heroic Age this version of shocker has the ablility to fly through the skies.

Mysterio- A rebellious hacker who used to get a thrill out of stealing and destabilizing the data streams from big league corporations like Alchemax, he now works for the very people he used to hate as it seems that Alchemax made him an offer he couldn't refuse. With his genius intellect this Mysterio can hack into any piece of tech and turn it to his will, he also has gloves that can summon virtual holograms out of any electronic device within the environment.

Prowler- Alchemax's most highly trained assassin conditioned for tracking and hunting down any target with deadly precision. Though he prefers to rely on the cloaking device found in his belt to snipe enemies at long range, he's more than capable of taking down his target at close range with his assault rifle and razor sharp talons.

The Spot- The Spot that I remember from the 90's cartoon was something of a thief. This version is not too different in that he's an expert infiltrator using specialized "phaser" gear to teleport almost anywhere he wants. If he's ever in a combat scenario he can use the energy in his gauntlets to cause implosions at his opponent.

The Lizard- No longer an organic organism this version of the lizard is completely robotic. Armed with an energized tail and a plasma cannon on his back this robot lizard is the most deadliest on Alchemax's creations for he's been designed to kill with lethal efficiency and maximum casualty.

Now that I'm done with the character sheets I can move on to an action shot or two.
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kaaslave Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
An amusing thought: In 2099, they use "shock" as a curse word, so imagine what'll happen with the Shocker 2099... :D
chs-drly Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
ImpulsiveSpidercide Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
I like your futuristic Sinister Six, although I'd imagine The Spot using tech similar to the Portal Gun in the Portal series, to replicate the "spots" Ohn would open up as his inter-dimensional gateways. That aside, I'm particularly fond of not just him, but Prowler and Mysterio as well. The Mysterio of the future being a hacker capable of using VR to create hyper-realistic illusions sounds incredibly wicked, and since everything by that time runs on cyberspace technology . . . lots of damage he could do with that.
Jordankp Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Very Awesome Stuff!! hope to see more
skysoul25 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Student General Artist
1) have you been reading my notes on my incarantion of the spdier-maan for my seires, soem of them are clsoe to soem fo villians well see down the road.

2) I LOVE IT, this si a great fresh take on the characters and i love msyterio, shocker, the spot, and provlwler an robotic lizard? color me intreiged my friend! =D
IceDrawn-Edge Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
1) No I haven't your notes yet but I'll be sure to check them out

skysoul25 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Student General Artist
oh cool because hydro-man has a simpler concept maybe i idn;t uplaod them yet, or did I? anyways he comes in later, i love the cocnept for msyterio i would never of though of that :D the rest are jsut genisis my friend :D

2) welcome :D
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